My Mother’s Cancer Story – The Beginning

My Mother’s Story – A Cancer Journey

My mother had been in the hospital for a few weeks in April, 2014 and the Doctors were having a hard time figuring out what was wrong with her. After a Ct Scan and MRI, it was clear. I received the call at work on April 17, 2014. My mother had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.



The Doctors referred my mother to a surgeon at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto and we met with her on April 30, 2014. When we were there, we were advised of more bad news: my mother had a blood clot in her portal vein near her pancreas meaning surgery was not an option at that time. My mother was immediately prescribed blood thinners and a follow up appointment was made for June 11, 2014.



On June 11, 2014 we were hopeful as we rode the elevator up to the fourth floor to meet with the Doctor. I waited as my mother had another Ct Scan done and then it was time to find out the good or bad news. Unfortunately it was the latter. The blood clot was still there and the cancer was more extensive than it was before, though they believed it was still contained to my mother’s pancreas. Surgery was off the table and we had to start looking for other options. The Doctor had advised us that she believed my mother to be too weak for chemotherapy or radiation treatment. I was stunned. She said she would still refer her to an Oncologist in our hometown and they would take over from there.



On June 23, 2014 my mother had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance as she had gotten very weak and sick. My husband and I met the ambulance at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. as it arrived. Later my brother and sister-in-law arrived and took over waiting for news on our mother’s condition. While at the hospital an appointment was made for her to meet with the Oncologist on June 23, 2014 to go over her options. My brother and sister-in-law took her to the appointment and for once I feel like we received good news: the Doctor in Toronto had been full of shit and my mother was scheduled to start chemotherapy on July 11, 2014. My mother is finally able to start fighting the cancer in her pancreas. My mother is strong, and not alone in her battle. We will do this together.