Gallery: James Stevenson Park Family Portraits

James Stevenson Park Family Portraits 

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting this wonderful family at the James Stevenson Park in Peterborough, Ontario. Before my client suggested this spot I had no idea it even existed! The murals under the bridge are absolutely amazing and if you have the chance you definitely need to check them out!

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Designer Spotlight: Hayden Williams

Hayden Williams is a 21 year old British Fashion Illustrator and Designer and his work is simply AMAZING (it helps that he has been drawing since he was only 3 years old!) His designs are fluid, flawless, incredibly elegant and sophisticated.  His work has ranged from illustrating celebrities, Disney Princesses, magazine covers (VOGUE) and more!

Stroll In The City by Hayden Williams

It seems that illustrating has become a lost talent in today’s fashion scene. We rarely get to see designer’s illustrations and the creative process they endure as they focus more on showing us the finished product. It’s nice to see a fresh perspective on today’s high fashion illustrations using a timeless technique which combines pencils and markers – no computer software here! Hayden describes his definition of fashion illustration as

“A way of communicating a fashion visual but in art form. Drawing, painting etc.  For me, it’s about sharing my design and artistic vision by translating my ideas from my head  to drawing it out on paper.”

Work in Progress

Hayden Williams’ work has been garnering attention from everyone – including celebrities! Some of Hayden’s celebrity fans include Oprah, Beyonce, Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. His work has also been showcased in magazines such as Annex, Elle Thailand, and Bazaar Australia.

Fan - Oprah

Oprah loving her Hayden Williams Illustration

He taught himself how to draw by sketching the female characters from Disney movies and naturally progressed into the amazing illustrations he produces today, though he did not start getting serious about fashion illustration until he was 17-18 years old.

Disney Divas – Rapunzel

When asked by a fan when he would be creating his own label he advised that he had a “limited capsule collection out last year that was available online. My goal however, is to have my own high end label. That is what i am working towards. I can’t pinpoint when that will be, but it is in my future…” and I have to say I’m pretty excited to see his illustrations come to life!

Hayden’s tip to a fan for illustrating fashion: Always take notice of the details and stay focused on your passion/craft.

Style On The Go – Mary-Kate & Ashley

To see more of his incredible work, check out below:

Instagram: @Hayden_Williams
Facebook: Hayden Williams Illustrations

*All information from this post is from Hayden Williams’  tumblr account, sourced above.