I have always had a passion for everything food. It started young when I would sit on a chair at the counter and watch my family cook. Then when I was old enough I got to help in the kitchen.

I have fond memories of getting to ice the German Christmas cookies and slicing potatoes for potato salad.

My fondness for cooking only grew as I got older and when I became independent I finally got to test out some of my own recipes and try new ones!

I have had some spectacular failures in the kitchen but also dishes that have turned out superb!

You may come across recipes I’ve concocted on my own, or reviews of recipes found online or in cook books.

I’ve recently become interested in trying recipes from online bloggers to really test them out and see if they actually come out as they should or if something goes wrong.

For example, does it really take only 45 minutes or longer? Does it taste ok or should it be adjusted? Does it look like it should?

If you have a recipe you want tested just fill out the contact form and get in touch! I would be happy to try it out if I can!