Lisa J. Woodcock is the Owner/Photographer of Woodcock Photography.

Photography has always been a huge passion of Lisa’s and she began exploring this passion in more depth in high school when she took photography classes (this back when film photography was being taught). In March, 2014 Lisa earned her Diploma in Professional Photography from the Photography Institute.

Lisa graduated from Fenelon Falls Secondary School in 2007 in Fenelon Falls, Ontario and began college at Sir Sandford Fleming College. In 2009 Lisa graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario with a Law Clerk Diploma and since this time has been working full time as a Family Law Clerk. In 2014 with the support of her husband and family she decided to begin pursuing her photography career leading her to where she is today.

Lisa’s journey started off small with the creation of her blog http://www.funkyfitphotog.com (which is now lisajwoodcock.com) which is where she showcases her work. At that time Lisa was shooting for friends and family and then it branched out into shooting their friends’ family as well leading her to where she is today.

Lisa has been happily married to her husband since August, 2010 and currently lives in Peterborough, Ontario with their cat, Chloe.



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