Iceland – The Food

Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping healthy and safe during these times.

I am interrupting our regular landscape images and travel to talk about the food of Iceland. When we planned our trip to Iceland, it was all about the travel and the scenery. I hadn’t really thought about the food. I know Iceland is known for a few delicacies – fermented shark and their hot dogs being a couple. No, we did not try the shark. We did come across it a few times, but it was just too expensive for us when we went.


Our first meal in Iceland was the first thing we could find that was open. It was 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday by the time we reached the closest town and honestly, nothing much was open. So, our first meal in Iceland was…Subway. Yes, they have Subway.

It was different than the Subways in Canada, including the textures of the food, but it was surprisingly pretty good especially on a very empty stomach.

Our breakfasts in Iceland pretty much consisted of the same thing every day: eggs and bread and sometimes some sort of protein and cheese.

There was only one place we stayed at that actually had a toaster, so I had to get creative and toast our bread in a pan. One thing I could not get over was how orange the yolks of their eggs were, compared to the pale yellow we have here. It was crazy and they were so rich and delicious.

Every place we went to only had the basic cooking utensils so when we went grocery shopping I had to make sure to pick up cooking oil. I was lucky that they sold pretty small bottles of it so I didn’t have to worry about having any left over.


We were really trying to not eat out because we knew that was expensive so we picked up stuff to make sandwiches and a side – typically potato salad.

Also, if anyone can please help me find the brand of potato salad that is pictured above I would really appreciate it – it was so freaking good I bought it a few times. The seasoning was different that what we typically put in a potato salad and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I also forgot to take a picture of the ingredients.

When we were traveling it was easier for us to stop for lunch and this is when I had the best burger of my entire life.

The burger pictured above had everything – the perfect sauce, the perfect bun to meat ratio and of course bacon. I enjoyed it so much and wondered if all of the burgers in Iceland would taste like this. Also the fries – so perfect. Like a blend of Wendy’s and McDonald’s fries with an amazing seasoning salt. Could not get enough of them!

Unfortunately I learned the next time we stopped for lunch that not all burgers and fries are made the same in Iceland.

It was still good, don’t get me wrong, but no where near the level of the first burger. I would travel back to Iceland to hunt that burger down again.

We did decide to stop for a special lunch in an actual restaurant on our second last day, since we hadn’t eaten in a restaurant at all during our trip – just grocery shops and take away. We found this place that was in a small town near where we were staying during the last leg of our journey and it was pretty fancy. It was also pretty quiet for lunch time, but we were okay with that.

My husband got beef cheek pasta and I got a pizza with prosciutto, arugula, cheese and peanuts! I thought it was so interesting I had to try it. We were curious how the beef cheeks were going to be cooked – would they be broken down or like big hunks of cheek?

Both dishes were super delicious but super rich! Like so rich neither of us could finish. Thankfully the place we were staying at had a microwave so we took it with us and had the left overs for dinner that night.


Dinners were always very random. Sometimes more sandwiches and potato salad. I made hot dogs a couple of times but forgot to take pictures of those. Then when we were at place number two, we decided to pick up stuff to make tacos!

We had lots so we had these two nights in a row.

Miscellaneous Items:

Just some photographs of the groceries we got! The orange juice and chocolate covered…raisins, I think, were left for us by one of our Air BnB hosts.

The Dijon Mustard is not the same that we have here in Canada. It was insanely spicy and we actually had to scrape some off our sandwich to be able to eat it! I thought it was so cool that they had Doritos salsa – I didn’t even know that was a thing!

Have you been to Iceland? What did you think of the food? Leave me a note in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Iceland – The Food

  1. hi! I have been to Iceland. Twice, actually. Before you actually go there, you always wonder how the food will be, but its so pleasantly surprising! The food is absolutely delicious. The one thing that I crave every single day was the truffle mashed potatoes that I had at Seydisfjordur. Absolutely scrumptious!!!

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