Iceland – Days 4 & 5

Hello and welcome! If you have been keeping up, we are now on days four and five of our Iceland adventure! If you’re not caught up, you can find days one and two here and day three here.

Day Four:

Day four was a travel day and we were off to our next destination! Each day we had to drive it was about an eight hour drive to our next Air BnB (we stayed in three different locations). We got up early, around 7:00 a.m. so we could be on the road by 8:00 a.m at the latest. We wanted to make sure we gave ourselves plenty of time to reach our destination and also make some stops along the way if we wanted to.

The weather was all over the place when we were driving, one moment it would be cloudy or raining and the next the sun would be out and it would be blue sky. We were very fortunate that it did not rain on the days we went exploring. It only rained during the times we were travelling.

There weren’t too many places where we wanted to stop – just a couple waterfalls and as you’ll see below this place that looked like it was a desert – more on that below. A lot of these photographs were actually taken while I was passenger in the car and taken through the window while driving!

The town above is where we stopped to get lunch. We found this place that was in with a gas station and a convenience store and sold hamburgers and hot dogs, and other cool stuff. I got a burger and my husband got an Icelandic hot dog. We had heard a lot about these hot dog when we were researching Iceland so he had to try them. Come back later in the week when I’ll be doing a post completely dedicated to the food we ate in Iceland!

The place below is the desert looking area and we could smell it before we saw that was what was causing the smell! It was such a strong smell of sulfur. I honestly have no idea what I was looking at so if you know what this is please tell me in the comments!

I had to use the zoom on my camera to get the below photographs, the smell was so strong neither of us could even imagine getting close. I have no idea how other people were getting so close!

Then it was back on the road! Time for all the waterfalls!


On our last leg of the journey to our second Air BnB, we also got to drive through a mountain! It was so cool but also kind of scary. It took about 15 minutes total to make it all the way through. Some sketchy cell phone photos:

We finally made it to our last Air BnB! We chose this one because it was in a small fishing village and we didn’t expect that there would be many tourists there. The home we were staying in was quite lovely. The lower level had a bathroom and two bedrooms and the upper level was the kitchen and a sitting room and living room. We also chose this place because it had laundry – this was big for us because in order to pack less, we wanted to make sure we could wash our clothes somewhere.

The sketchiest part about this home though was definitely the stairs. They were not actually built into the house and they seemed like they were a set you just got from Ikea. They were so steep and actually caused me so much anxiety that if I had to go up or down a level I would go outside and use the stairs down the side of the house! Eventually I decided that was no longer feasible and sucked it up but take a look for yourself:

Yes, that is one step per foot and yes it was really steep and terrifying.

Day Five: 

We didn’t have any driving to do today – today was a day for exploring. We decided that we didn’t want to drive anywhere and just walked around and explored the little town we were staying in!

It was such a quiet town and honestly after being so busy the last few days it was nice just to chill out.

That’s it for now! Next post will be completely dedicated to the food of Iceland. If you don’t want to miss it make sure you click the follow button!

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