One for One Gratitude Sessions

I am really honoured to announce that I am taking part in the One for One Gratitude Session initiative in Peterborough, Ontario.

What is it? When you purchase a session (family, couple, lifestyle, maternity, etc.) gift card for yourself, you will get a second gift card at no extra cost for a family session for a front line worker of your choice! The honour system will be in place here – I will not be checking that the person you want to give the second gift card to is an essential worker.

After purchase of your gift card session, I ask that you provide the name of the person you wish the second gift card be made out to. You will then be provided with two PDF gift cards via email – one for your session and one for your essential worker session.

All sessions will be booked after the social distancing guidelines have been lifted and life returns to normal. At that time, I ask that you reach out to book your session. Each gift card will have a special code which will be required in order to book your session, so do not lose it!

To see sessions currently offered and their costs, please see the “Photography” drop down menu above.

To order your giftcard(s), please send me an email at with your name, session you would like to purchase and the name of the essential worker you are gifting the second gift card to. Payment will be required once I confirm your order. At this time, our only payment option is E-Transfer. Once your E-Transfer has been received, you will be emailed two PDF gift certificates. There will be no refunds on purchased gift certificates. All sessions will take place in Peterborough, Ontario.

One for One Gratitude Sessions will be offered on gift certificates purchased from April 10, 2020 to April 30, 2020.

To book your session when the social distancing guidelines have been lifted, please contact me and provide your name and the code associated with your gift certificate. You may be asked to produce a copy of the gift certificate.

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