Thanksgiving Dinner

Hello everyone and welcome!

Today I am writing about Thanksgiving Dinner. For my Canadian folks, our Thanksgiving was this past weekend. Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays and yes it is because of the food. I like to joke to my family it’s the only reason I come home over the holidays!

Unfortunately my husband always has to work on Sunday, which is when our family dinner is. So this year I decided to make him his own Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday. Let’s take a look shall we!

Firstly, my day started out early. I knew if I was going to photograph most of the dishes as I went along, it was going to take a while. Boy did I underestimate just how long but we’ll get to that.

Garlicky Green Beans:

This is one of my favourite side dishes. I absolutely love green beans and so does my husband. And garlic! Match made in heaven. The recipe I used is from a cookbook called Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat and guys this book is a life changer, which deserves its own post entirely (so keep an eye out).

This recipe is really simple and so good. I’ve made it quite a few times, and you should too.

Twice Baked Potatoes:

If you love mashed potatoes and also baked potatoes, this side dish is for you! I don’t follow a recipe for these as it’s pretty straight forward. You bake the potatoes, you cut the potato in half, scoop out the center, mash the potatoes you scooped out with milk/cream, butter, salt and pepper, put the mash back in the potato and toss back in the oven until the top has browned a bit.

For ours I also decided to top with some shredded cheddar (yum). For a loaded twice baked potato you can also top with crispy bacon pieces with cheese and serve with thinly sliced green onion and sour cream. The options are really limitless. Make it your own!

Buttermilk Marinated Roast Chicken:

Ah, the piece de resistance! Another winner from the Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat author Samin and this recipe can be found online here.

Basically though, you marinate a chicken in buttermilk for 24 hours, scrape off the buttermilk, place chicken in a cast iron pan and roast (there are more specific instructions so be sure to check out the actual recipe). The result is a beautifully, perfectly roasted chicken. It was also so moist. This will definitely be my go to chicken recipe from now on.

Pumpkin Pie: 

Pumpkin pie is pretty much a given on Thanksgiving, no question. Again, this is another recipe from the Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat cookbook (can you guys sense a theme here…).

This recipe is one that actually gave me some trouble. I used frozen pie shells because, well, I don’t have the tools or patience to try making my own yet. I feel this may have been my downfall.

The filling was super easy to make, but it made so much! The recipe was for one pie. I was making two so I doubled it. As you can see from the picture below I was left with probably enough filling to make two to three more pies. I ended up freezing it to make more pies at a later time.

To get the filling into the pie shells without spilling it every where I used a ladle.

I filled the pies, baked accordingly, let it cool, sliced into it and – the bottom was really under cooked, basically raw. So, I popped both the pies back in to bake for additional time. Pull them out. Check – still under cooked! I couldn’t believe it. So back in the oven it went, for an even longer amount of time.

Guys, it was still slightly under cooked. So what did I do? Said screw it and ate it anyways. It tasted pretty good. If you guys have any idea what went wrong, please let me know in the comments!

Final Thoughts: 

Overall, given I was cooking and photographing for this post I was probably cooking for a good 7-8 hours. It was insane. But was it worth it? Yes. Everything was so good (even if the pie was slightly under cooked still). Since I cooked so many dishes, yes I used boxed stuffing and canned cranberry sauce. And yes they are good. I have made both homemade before, but today was not that day. And there is no shame in that.




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