Food Sampling


I don’t make it a practice to take my camera with me when I go to restaurants, so when I tried the following 3 restaurants I took the photographs with my iPhone 4, which is pretty much on me at all times (welcome to the world of technology!)


Whiskey & Strawberry Daquiry – Strawberry Daiquiri was the best I’ve had, ever! I could actually taste the rum in it but it was not overpowering and was nice and fruity.


Beer Sampler – The Restaurant brews their own beer so this was a sampler of 4 of their house ales plus their seasonal. I’m not a beer expert so cannot confidently say what the body of flavours were like except the dark ale = not my cup of tea.


Rice & Beans, Sweet Potato Frites & Brisket Sandwich on French Bread – The Rice & Beans were disappointingly dry. The Sweet Potato Frites (yes, they were listed on the menu as “frites”) were amazing. Hands down the best I’ve ever had.


Inside the Brisket Sandwich on French Bread – This Sandwich was very flavourful and the first time I had it, it was not dry (second time it was a bit). Brisket served on French Bread with pickle, cheese and a bit of mayo.


Greek Appetizer Sampler – I have no clue as the the spelling of the wonderful Greek pastry with the spinach/feta inside, but it was nice and flaky! The hummus, tatziki and feta & hot red pepper dips hit the spot, though the garlic in the hummus was slightly over powering. The other dish featured were rice wrapped in grape leaves and they were…interesting.


Greek Fries (French Fries with Feta and Italian Dressing) – The best rendition of a poutine I’ve ever had.


Bison Burger and Homemade Sweet Potato Kettle Chips – The Bison Burger tasted like really high quality beef. I was worried it was going to be a bit dry, but it wasn’t! I felt like the Sweet Potato Kettle Chips that came with the burger should have been served warm.


Cat (Fish) Tails – These melted in my mouth – so yummy!


Brisket Sandwich on French Bread, Cesar Salad and Sweet Potato Frites


Sweet Potato Frites

Mouth watering? The restaurants that served up the above food are in Peterborough, Ontario (Canada). In the area and want to try them out? Ask me in the comments section where to find them!


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