Beauty: Make-Up Brush Care



Taking good care of your make-up brushes is extremely important, and for different reasons. Some brushes can be expensive and properly cleaning them will extend their life span. Also, if not cared for, your brushes will be spreading bacteria and germs on your face in addition to your make-up – yuck!

Brushes_7 Brushes_6

There are many different types of brushes (natural hair, synthetic, powder puffs etc.) For brushes that are used for powders (blush, bronzer, eye shadow…) it’s important to use a gentle soap (I use Dawn Dish Soap) but you can also use a Dove bar or even a gentle shampoo. Using warm water, dampen brush. Put a small amount of soap in the palm of your hand and gently swirl brush to work up a lather. Make sure your entire brush is getting soapy, not just the tips. Rinse thoroughly in warm water, ensuring the water runs clear.



Dry brushes by gently squeezing out excess water and laying them flat on paper towel. If you dry your brushes with them standing up, the water can seep into the glue causing your brush to fall apart. Powder brushes can last years if taken care of correctly! They should be cleaned once a week.


Brushes that are used for creams, gels, glosses lipstick etc, require a heavier duty cleaner to break down the grease. I find that Dawn works for foundation quite well, but some brushes are tougher and you may need to use an alcohol based cleanser for those ones. There’s no need to purchase a brand name alcohol cleanser, 99% isopropyl alcohol will do the trick (and cut down the drying time). To clean using alcohol, pour a small amount into a bowl and swish the brush around the same way you would in your hand. After swirling, blot excess alcohol off and lay flat to dry. These brushes should be cleaned every other day. These brushes should also be replaced every 4-5 months.


Powder puffs should be cleaned at least once a week in warm soapy water. They usually do not last very long and are easily replaceable.

Happy washing!



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