Gallery: Wild Cats of Bobcaygeon

Last week I was asked to photograph the “Wild Cats of Bobcaygeon”

There are approximately 15-20 wild cats living in the bush behind a senior’s center in the town. They are fed and watered daily by a local resident who was described to me as the local “Cat Man”. They were quite skittish but that was to be expected.


Cat1 Cat2 Cat3 Cat4 Cat5 Cat6 Cat7 Cat8 Cat9 Cat11


3 thoughts on “Gallery: Wild Cats of Bobcaygeon

  1. Beautiful pics but why take them? Are they finally going to help those poor things. People have been getting a cute kitten for the kids for the summer and dumping the poor thing when they close up the cottage or trailer at the end of the season. Been happening for years those poor things didn’t ask to be wild.

    • I apologize for the delay in responding to you (I’ve been *out of the office* so to speak for the last couple weeks). These photographs were taken specifically to bring attention to the issue that Bobcaygeon, ON has a lot of stray cats and to try and get them the help they require. These ones in particular were born in the wild and haven’t known anything else, but the area is no stranger to what you described as well. I will be posting an update later this week about them.

  2. Bobcaygeon Friends of Ferals formed in October 2013 to try to help all the feral and abandoned cats in Bobcaygeon. We started spaying and neutering in March of 2014 and, to date, have altered over 200 cats and fostered 190 kittens to be put up for adoption. The cats at the Seniors’ Center were our first priority and, to our knowledge, there are no unaltered cats or kittens there now. The colony is still being fed and cared for by volunteers with the bonus of healthier cats and no more defenceless kittens. This is an ongoing project in other locations in Bobcaygeon and we welcome any volunteers or donations.

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